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It is more common than you may think. Many but not all who become homeless make it through the dark times to a new and better life. Those who do often say it is because there were people who cared and offered hope. There were people who help provide a place where they were sheltered from the weather and discovered the meaning of words such as:

you are

The stories are often very similar:

  • A Dysfunctional Family
  • Physical/Sexual Abuse, Unrecognized, and Unhealed
  • Poor Choices
  • Poor Relationships

The women who move beyond homelessness discover,

you matter Board of Directors
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DID YOU KNOW: Domestic violence is the second leading cause of homelessness among women? At least 80% of women in homeless shelters need services beyond "sheltering".


Labyrinth House Org.

is a long term supportive housing program with comprehensive services for single, adult, homeless, women, including those who may be recovering from substance related issues.

Labyrinth House Org.

is a community which will foster each woman's God-given dignity and nurture her growth as she develops the attitudes and skills necessary for independent living.

Labyrinth House Org.

was founded by an ecumenical group of community leaders from local churches who through their work and their experience have seen this need among women in our community.

labyrinth walker Board of Directors
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The Labyrinth

Labyrinths are an ancient symbol of our Life Journey. It symbolizes both our longing and our search for wholeness. It reminds us of each person's life experience and understanding.

It represents our journey inward

When we enter the labyrinth, our steps are drawing toward the center.

It guides our steps

Unlike the maze the labyrinth while winding always leads us on, guiding us even when we may feel lost.

It invites us on a journey of self-discovery

With time for reflection, we may look into ourselves more clearly and deeply.

It reminds us our journey of transformation

The act of walking path leading to the center invites integration and reshaping of our thoughts.

It reminds us we do not journey alone

Even in those times we may appear to be walking alone, we are not alone. The outer Circle holds us. The notches remind us of all who have gone before and who are present now who holds us. None of us makes our life's journey without the community who loves and cares for us.

The journey does not end at the center

At the center we are led back out, reminding us that what we have received we are to share with others.

Will you join our journey and hold others who travel to path of transformation?


Our Program

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Labyrinth House residents will experience the nurture and support of a community with a place to live, life necessities, counseling and spiritual guidance provided by qualified persons.

Based on the assessment of the case manager each resident will have a service program. The case worker will also assist and track each woman's service needs and follow her progress.

Our Goals

  • Facilitate the residents' moving into permanent housing.
  • Support the residents' commitment to stay alcohol and drug-free.
  • Facilitate their reconciliation with their children and families.
  • Become integrated into the community through volunteer work.
  • Help them learn the skills of homemaking, money management and interpersonal skills.
  • Facilitate, support, and strengthen their faith and spirituality.
  • Help learn the skills necessary to obtain employment and maintain it.

Resources Available

  • Educational/Vocational Training
  • Financial Planning
  • General Counseling/Therapy
  • Homemaking
  • Health Education
  • Legal and Monetary Restitution
  • Life Skills
  • Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery

Board of Directors

Developments/Labyrinth Funds


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By filling out this online form, you will help by praying for homeless women find comfort and security in their lives.

donate your time

By filling out this online form, you will help us obtain suitable needs to build our foundation.

For more inquiries, please feel free to e-mail us at: info@labyrinthhouse.org

There are two other tremendous ways to show your support to us. Feel free to visit the following online forms and tell us how you may be able to help us empower homelessness among women.

If you wish to provide monetary support to Labyrinth House and ask your church or a group of which you are a member to support us, please feel free to download this pdf donation form and mail it to us.

Donate Funds

For less than a $1.00 a day, you can help a vulnerable woman grow and reach her God-given potential. You will help provide access to resources like clean, warm home, health care, better nutrition, and an education or vocation-and have the rare opportunity to build a relationship that will change both your lives...

Adopt a Woman

If interested, you may download our adoption form and be part of our mission to empower homeless women.

Labyrinth House Org. does not collect your private information.

Board of Directors



  • A woman aged 18-45
  • Single-can never have been married, divorced, separated or widowed, not pregnant
  • Childless or have had children but are not actively parenting during residency (children must have grown or living with relatives; they must have lost custody of their children)
  • Must be able to function in a family/group living environment
  • Must be committed to sobriety
  • Must be committed to change life style
  • Must follow policies and procedures of Labyrinth House
  • Must be accountable of her actions
  • Capable of managing self-care
  • Willing to share in general home management responsibilities
  • Willing to be employed while in residency
  • Willing to contribute financially to Labyrinth House for monthly maintenance expenses
  • Must be involved in a 12-Step Program for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth


Funding sources include:

  • City, State and Federal Grants
  • Foundations
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Churches and Religious Communities
  • Private Citizens

Board of Directors


The applicant can refer herself or referred by an agency, church, or health care provider.
The applicant:

  • Must have a valid photo ID and a current clearance card from the Bloomington-Normal Police Department
  • Must disclose all current and pending legal issues; may not be eligible depending on the circumstances
  • If suffering from mental illness and requires psychotropic medications, must be under the care of a physician or willing to commit to psychiatric services prior to admission
  • If suffering from substance use problems, must be willing to undergo rehabilitation

The applicant: Must read and understand the information packet

  • Must complete and submit the application to Labyrinth House
  • Must have a face to face interview with the Director and Case Manager
  • Must attend a group meeting with residents of Labyrinth House

Acceptance depends on:

  • In-depth assessment by the Director and Case Manger and
  • Referring agency's recommendation

Program Duration

It is based on individual needs. The applicant is required to make an initial commitment of 9 months. Evaluation of the applicant personal service program is done after 30 days, 60 and 90 days. She meets with the Case Manager weekly for an hour to monitor her goals and progress.

The program is staffed by a Director, a Case Manager, a live-in House Manager, 2 Staff, a Secretary, a Bookkeeper, and volunteers. It is a 24/7 residential facility. It is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

Felicitas S. Sebastian, Ph.D. - President

e-mail: feli@labyrinthhouse.org

Rev. Norma Roberts, MA, DASD - Vice President

Mary Campbell, MSW, ISU Associate Professor of Social Work

Ruth Teubel, CPA - Treasurer

Richard Risberg, MA, LCPC

Fr. John Cyr, Associate Pastor, Holy Trinity Church

Barbara J. Knapp, Knapp Burn Foundation, Secretary


P.O. Box 5165

Bloomington, Illinois 61702-5165

Phone: 309 828 8777

Fax: 309 828 8771

Main e-mail


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